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Welcome to Environmental Motorworks Inc. (EMW), where innovative solutions begin. EMW takes pride in being a leading provider of automotive or electric vehicle training. Our company’s tagline, “Always moving forward, Innovative Solutions Begin Here,” encapsulates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology in the automotive industry.

Our Training Courses

Hybrid/PHEV and EV Classes

Our most popular class. Employing a combination of in-class and hands-on learning, students will be exposed to a variety of Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

Fleet Training

Our fleet training courses are shortened to reflect most light duty fleet operations. System theory and operation are covered before moving to component diagnosis.

ADAS Classes

The ADAS Master Class explores the theory and operation of all ADAS systems, sensors and calibration.

BASIC Air Conditioning

This hands-on class is designed to bring new employees and those who have not serviced A/C in a very long time back into the A/C repair fold.

EMW provides a variety of training

At EMW, we specialize in course development. Classes are “hands-on” and topics include Hybrid and EV training, ADAS training, and customized “boutique” automotive training. Our hands-on Hybrid and EV training is intended to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience required to service electric and hybrid vehicles. With the growing electrified fleet, it is critical that technicians be trained to SAFELY service and maintain these vehicles.


More about us

Boutique Classes: We have the expertise and experience to develop “one off” specialty courses designed to fit your exact training needs. From platform specific applications to specialty vehicle systems, let’s discuss what you need and expect. We can do the rest.

Electric Vehicle Training Goal

Our goal at Environmental Motorworks Inc. is to provide technicians with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to SAFELY service and maintain electric and hybrid vehicles. With the growing popularity of electrified vehicles, it is crucial that technicians DEVELOP the skills and knowledge NECESSARY FOR DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR. Our hands-on Hybrid and EV Training programs are designed to help technicians develop these new essential skills and work habits. Our instructors are highly trained, experienced professionals who provide the best possible training experience for our technicians.

At ENVMW, we are committed to providing the best cutting-edge EV training in the automotive industry. We believe that by providing our technicians with the most up-to-date knowledge and training, we are helping to shape the future of the automotive industry. Our dedication to innovation and excellence is evident in everything we do, from training programs to diagnostic equipment sales. If you want to bring your skills and knowledge to the next level, look no further than ENVMW.

Diagnostic equipment sales department

EMW is looking to provide a wide range of diagnostic tools and equipment to aid in Hybrid/EV diagnosis and repair.

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Just completed the 7-day hybrid and EV master class. The majority of this class is hands-on learning. Not only are you learning the theory and operation of these vehicles, you are hands-on testing so you are comfortable with safely diagnosing and repairing these high-voltage systems. I highly recommend The Auto Prof for sharpening and expanding your skill base. You will leave with a much greater understanding and confidence to take back and apply directly to what you are working on in the shop as the industry shifts towards vehicle electrification.

Patrick Wright