Other Training Courses

Ozone Depletion

  • 8 Hour Ozone Depletion Certification
  • On site or virtual
  • To renew an unexpired ODP card visit www.hrai.ca



  • Communication Network Diagnostics

Flash Programming

  • 8 hour Domestic Flash Programming
    • Classes will use multiple J2534 devices and a laptop computer. In most cases, OE software is purchased as a subscription from the vehicle manufacturers. We will also cover module setup or coding using aftermarket tools, when possible, without the cost of subscriptions. 

Students will learn where to find and how to download the OE software. We also share tips on creating login accounts, where to purchase subscriptions, programing procedures, while highlighting common cautions and warnings. Immobilizer resets may be required after module replacement, including licensing requirements (LSID) to complete this task. Used modules are also discussed.

Upon completion of this class, technicians will be comfortable with automotive computer flash programing. We will be demonstrating live programing on Ford GM and Chrysler vehicles.

  • 8 Hour Asian Flash Programming (in development)
  • 8 Hour European Flash Programming (in development)


  • 8 Hour Complete Autel Scan Tool
    • This class will maximize the efficiency of both the technician and their Autel Ultra scan tool. Autel scan tools are powerful and far more than just a “code reader”.

Throughout this class, technicians will learn and practice using Hot Menu functions, maintenance items such as throttle relearns, battery reset, brake service mode, immobilizer functions, enhanced diagnostics, system pre and post scans, DTC, symptom guided repair features, and topology view. Students will learn the graphing of live data pids (up to 5 at one time), gain an understanding of the various menu icons, screen settings, recording data, and trigger functions (recording data that exceeds a programmed parameter). 

Students become proficient at analyzing captured data, the use of bidirectional controls to speed up diagnostics, and resetting adaptive parameters. 

Powerful features included in the Autel Ultra include the coding of modules upon replacement, proxy configuration of new modules, and programming modules without factory subscriptions (when possible).

  • Tesla Scan Diagnostics and Programming (in development)
  • Lab Scope
  • Basic Lab Scope Operation Diagnostics
  • For beginners. It is almost impossible to diagnose many of the vehicles on the road today without lab scope data. This class starts at the beginning and teaches new users the capability of a lab scope and themselves
  • Advanced Lab Scope Diagnostics
  • Pressure Transducer Diagnostics
  • Low Voltage Electrical Diagnostics


Shop Training

  • 4 Hour Towing and Recovery BEV Introduction
      • This program has been designed for Towing and Recovery personnel. Upon completion of the class, operators will have gained an understanding of high voltage systems, the potential dangers, how to determine if a high voltage system is energized, and when the system is safely deenergized. Components will be shown and discussed, along with procedures and cautions to avoid damaging a Hybrid or EV. Tips will be shared throughout the class to help operators understand when a vehicle is safe, and when customary procedures can be performed. Operators will be much more comfortable when working with Hybrids and EVs after successfully completing this class. Though not a “hands-on” class per se (zero exposure to high voltage), students will be encouraged to participate in the demonstrations and ask questions.
  • 2 Hour Intro to Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid/ EV Technology (For Customers)
  • Your customers want to know about these vehicles and their technology! It is likely that neither of us sell cars (we don’t!), so there’s no pressure for customers to buy anything. Whether for vehicle purchase or general interest, your customers will find the information useful. We go over the tech and vehicle operation live on the vehicles in an easy to understand way. We could even bring a PowerPoint presentation. Home charging will be demonstrated live. If you like we can take your customers around the block, so they get an idea of what these vehicles are like. Invite your customers (and us!) and we will bring a Hybrid and an Electric Vehicle to your shop, or you can arrange for the vehicles. It’s also a great time to tell your customers that you will be taking our Hybrid/EV training! We can arrange that too!
  • Service/Parts Advisor Hybrid/EV Technology (coming soon)
  • It is obvious that your technicians will require the proper training to safely and profitably maintain and repair Hybrid and Electric vehicles. As this vehicle segment grows in your shop, your support staff will require relevant information to do complement your technicians. When that time comes, contact us and we can provide the training they will need.

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